Review: The Temp by Michelle Frances

Review: The Temp by Michelle Frances
The Temp by Michelle Frances

Published by Kensington on January 29, 2019
Genre: Suspense, Thriller
Format: ARC, Print
Source: The Publisher

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I received an advance copy of this book from The Publisher.

Wanted: Assistant to provide maternity cover for high-powered TV producer. Must be bright, creative, with killer instincts.

Emma would do anything to work for the woman who has the job she wants. Carrie is at the top of her game, with a dream career, a baby on the way, and a handsome screenwriter husband. For Emma, with parents who don't understand her ambition and a serious misstep behind her, this temp position might be her last chance.

Carrie has given up more than anyone knows to get to the top of a ruthless business. She won't give up this baby too. But with Emma filling in for her at the office, her perfect life starts to unravel. Her bank account is inexplicably overdrawn, her husband seems strangely distant and colleagues are all too happy to take Emma's creative direction. Carrie finds herself dying to get back to work . . . until a letter left at her door changes everything.

Trust and fear trade places in a love triangle that defies readers' expectations at every turn.

Carrie is a successful TV producer and married to Adrian, who’s a success in his own right. (He’s just won a BAFTA for screenwriting, no big deal.) But when Carrie unexpectedly becomes pregnant, she decides to have the baby…and Adrian is not on board. At all.

When Carrie hires Emma as a temp, initially it’s just to provide cover until Carrie returns from maternity leave. But it doesn’t take long for Emma to ingratiate herself into Carrie’s work life, earning the trust of Carrie’s colleagues.

Things at home aren’t looking so good, either. Adrian hasn’t bonded with the baby and leaves all the parenting to Carrie. Worse yet, the person with whom Adrian seems to have bonded is Emma. She quickly becomes his writing collaborator, resulting in more and more time spent together.

Carrie suspects that Emma is trying to replace her, both at work and at home. But below the surface is a plot far more complicated than she ever expected.

I loved this book! I had high hopes for it after loving Michelle Frances’s debut, The Girlfriend, and The Temp does not disappoint. I love a twisty story and The Temp has a twist so shocking that I literally gasped when I read it. I did not see the ending coming at all, but it’s one that’s satisfying and fitting. Frances has quickly become one of my go-to thriller authors. Highly recommended!

Rating: 5 stars


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