Review: The Quiche and the Dead by Kirsten Weiss

Review: The Quiche and the Dead by Kirsten Weiss
The Quiche and the Dead by Kirsten Weiss

Published by Kensington on October 31, 2017
Series: Pie Town Mystery #1
Genre: Cozy Mystery, Mystery
Format: Audiobook
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Is Val's breakfast pie the quiche of death?

Owning her own business seemed like pie in the sky to Valentine Harris when she moved to the coastal California town of San Nicholas, expecting to start a new life with her fiancé. Five months—and a broken engagement—later, at least her dream of opening a pie shop has become a reality. But when one of her regulars keels over at the counter while eating a quiche, Val feels like she's living a nightmare.

After the police determine the customer was poisoned, business at Pie Town drops faster than a fallen crust. Convinced they’re both suspects, Val's flaky, seventy-something pie crust maker Charlene drags her boss into some amateur sleuthing. At first Val dismisses Charlene’s half-baked hypotheses, but before long the ladies uncover some shady dealings hidden in fog-bound San Nicholas. Now Val must expose the truth—before a crummy killer tries to shut her pie hole.

The Quiche and the Dead is book #1 in Kirsten Weiss’s Pie Town series. This story is a fun mystery with a bit of romance, which I’m finding is my favorite combination when it comes to cozies.

Valentine (Val) Harris was excited to move to the small town of San Nicholas, where she planned on getting married and opening her own pie shop. Her plans take a sharp detour when her fiancé breaks off their engagement. Thankfully, Val has Pie Town to devote all her time and energy to as she recovers from that heartbreak.

But disaster strikes when one of Val’s customers dies at her counter while eating one of her quiches—and the cause of death is found to be poisoning. Val knows she’s not guilty, but who would want to kill Joe? Alongside her crusty, 70-year-old crust maker Charlene, Val starts her own investigation into Joe’s death.

I loved this book! Val is a fun protagonist who serves as a perfect foil to Charlene’s cantankerous ways. Throw in a jerk of an ex-fiancé, an annoying business owner next door, an intriguing police officer, and a hilarious cat—this cast of characters makes for a great start to the Pie Town series.

Kirsten Weiss excels at humorous dialogue as well as mystery with a touch of romance. I really love cozies that take place in bakeries of any kind, and I can tell that Pie Town is going to be a delightful setting for the rest of the books in the series.

Rating: 5 stars


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